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So some guys called me ugly dog in Spanish I don’t understand what I do to deserve this..
I get that I am ugly my chin is huge, I have an ugly face, my eyes are small, I have a big stomach and large hips and thighs..Im awkward.. face it no matter how much I dress up. No matter how much make up I will always be as ugly as an ass.

Hey! Don’t listen to them! You are pretty as you are! Its personality that counts so you should stick to those who love you for who you are! :3 

Lots of hugs for you! ^^

Just ignore the bad mean people, alright? just ignore them. 

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Reblog if “How To Train Your Dragon” change your life.

360° absolutely.

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Rotbtd tooth boxes

I tried my best to make them look like the rotg design. My arm cramped up before I could do proper box decoration, so a simple design will do for the moment.

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If we’re mutuals describe yourself on anon and I’ll guess who it is

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An important part of cinematic history.


Truly Iconic